Our Chocolate Fountain


We use only the highest grade of Belgian Chocolate, which is fountain ready and allows steady and smooth flow through out. We never add oil to our chocolate and our chocolate fountains come with a wind/sneeze guard to ensure high Quality and Hygiene.


You can have the chocolate in one of the following colours.

> White
> Milk
> Dark
> Pink


You can choose from our tried and tested extensive delicious dips or you can have all of them.

> Coconuts
> Strawberry
> Finger bread
> Short bread
> Waffers
> Marshmallows

> Red grapes
> Green grapes
> Cookies
> Apples
> Pineapples


Our Fountains come in 3 tiers and 5 tiers depending on the number of people you want to feed and they run for at least 5hrs, up to the end of the event. 

Any left over chocolate after the event is yours to keep if you wish.